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Weather Outlook 12th July 2019 (6 pm)

A tropical wave is crossing the island chain and pockets of moderate to heavy showers with thunderstorm activity can be expected tonight across some islands.  During this afternoon, our Grenadine Islands and Grenada experienced showers with some thunderstorm activity.  As the wave axis crosses into the Caribbean Sea, more showers could spread across St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), with occasional strong wind gusts (up to 50km/h) continuing into Saturday morning.

A temporary decrease in cloudiness and shower activity is possible by afternoon into Saturday night.

The small area of persistent shower and thunderstorm activity in the Central Atlantic with a slight chance (20%) of development is expected to lose some energy as it quickly approaches the islands as a tropical wave. Cloudiness and showers associated with this area should be moving into the island chain during Sunday. Isolated thunderstorm activity is possible during Sunday night with additional instability due to a northward motion of the Inter–Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Some shower activity should linger until Monday morning. Motorists and residents should be alert, as flash-flooding is possible with the passage of these two tropical waves

Moderate to fresh (25 - 40 km/h) east north-easterly breeze should veer to south easterly overnight, with occasional strong gusts. Direction of wind should become east north-easterly again during Sunday and temporarily reduce to moderate by afternoon. 

Sea conditions are slight to moderate, with easterly swells ranging 1.2 – 1.8 on the west coasts and up to 2.2m on the east coast. In response to the occasionally gusty winds, wave heights are expected to rise by late Saturday and on Monday. Hazy conditions should be increasing late Saturday, decreasing and becoming patchy during Sunday with the approach of the second tropical wave…Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution.


Tropical waves between west coast Africa and Lesser Antilles:  

Along 36W south of 15N, moving W at 15-20 kt with a 1010 mb low pressure along the wave axis near 08N36W.  Scattered moderate convection is from 07N-12N between 35W- 41W...1500miles away…vicinity late Sunday 14th into Monday 

Along 15N54W to 06N58W, moving W at 15-20 kt with scattered moderate convection from 09N- 14N between 53W-61W and thunderstorms along the wave axis in Guyana...120miles away…vicinity Friday night into Saturday 13th morn

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