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Weather Outlook 5th August 2019 (6 pm)

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Instability remains elevated across the islands with moisture pooling ahead of another tropical wave/trough which detached from previous tropical wave. The axis is expected to cross the northern Windward and Leeward Islands late Tuesday. A northward positioning of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) should add equatorial moisture on Wednesday. Following quickly behind, is another tropical wave to bring cloudy skies, showers and possibly thunderstorm activity across the island chain by Wednesday night into Thursday.

Light/gentle southerly breeze should continue into Tuesday, becoming variable at times. Gentle to moderate breeze should be across the islands by Wednesday and backing to north-east by evening.

Sea conditions are slight to moderate in open water with east north-easterly swells ranging 1.0 - 2.0 m across SVG.

Slight (0.5 - 1.2 m) seas are expected by Wednesday with easterly swells. 

No significant dust concentrations are expected over next coup[le days, but slight haze should be noticeable by Thursday. 

Barometric readings are gradually rising, to range 1015 - 1018mb by Wednesday.


Tropical waves between west coast Africa and Lesser Antilles:  

Along 28W from 04N-15N, moving W at 10-15 kt with scattered moderate convection from 09N-12N between 27W-34W….1980miles away… next weekend 10th

Along 46W from 02N-13N, moving W at 10-15 kt with scattered showers within 120 nm of the wave axis… 900miles away…late Wednesday into Thursday 8th 

A secondary surface trough from 18N50W to 13N53W with isolated moderate convection within 180 nm of the trough axis. …480miles away… (second portion of recent tropical wave) across Leewards and Northern Windward Islands Tuesday 6th