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Weather Outlook 8th October 2019 (noon)

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Moisture and instability trailing a tropical wave resulted in some scattered showers across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines early this morning.

Unstable conditions will continue across the Grenadine Islands this afternoon, generating rain and a slight chance for isolated thunderstorms. A few showers are likely over Saint Vincent. The ridge of high pressure will build across the islands gradually, after which, instability will be generated across the islands resulting in scattered showers Thursday into Friday.

Predominantly, fresh easterly winds (30km/h-40km/h) will be experienced throughout the day. Sea conditions will continue to be moderate in open water (1.8m-2.5m). Small-craft operators and sea-bathers are advised to exercise caution. Easterly winds will decrease in speed to approximately 20km/h from Wednesday night into Thursday, becoming east south-easterly around Friday. Consequently, an improvement in sea conditions will be noticeable, becoming 1.0m- 1.5m in open water by Friday. Haze intrusion will remain visible throughout today, with possible thinning tomorrow, and removal by Thursday.