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Weather Outlook- 1st July 2020(6 pm)

Varying Saharan dust concentrations will move across St. Vincent & the Grenadines from Tuesday. In addition, the Atlantic high pressure system would regain its dominance across the islands resulting in brief isolated showers and fair to partly cloudy conditions over the next 48 hours. A few early morning and afternoon showers are anticipated for Saturday.

Over the next  72 hours, moderate to fresh(approximately 20km/h – 35km/h) easterly(E) trades will cross the islands. However, higher gusts are possible near showers tonight(Wednesday). Winds should become east south easterly to easterly(ESE-E) as the weekend approaches.

Sea conditions will remain slight to moderate over the next few days with swells peaking to 1.0m on the western coasts and 2.0m on the eastern coasts.