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Weather Outlook - 18th October 2020 (12Noon)

Warm conditions are anticipated up to midweek across St Vincent and the Grenadines as a ridge pattern dominates the Central Windwards. Nevertheless, a light regime increases the chance for localised activity around mid afternoon today(Sunday). On Monday however, drier conditions are expected. A few isolated showers under humid conditions are likely on Tuesday and Wednesday as a south easterly wind flow draws equatorial moisture to the region.

A light to gentle wind regime (5-15km/h) will be experienced across the islands today, becoming east north easterly tonight into early Monday. South easterly trades should move across the islands by late Monday up to midweek with a slight occasional increase(~20km).  

Slight sea conditions are forecast (0.5m on the western coasts, 1.2m on the eastern coasts) today and Wednesday, generally becoming less than 1.0m across Monday and Tuesday. There will be no significant haze intrusion during this forecast period.