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Weather Outlook - 26th September 2021 (6pm)

Hurricane Sam continues to move west- northwest across the Atlantic, and inches closer to the region, to pass well north of the island chain later this week. A favourable upper level and the instability from the hurricane increase the occurrence of thunderstorm activity across SVG during the next few days.  

Wind speeds will continue to be light (10km/h-20km/h), becoming calm on occasions, and blowing mostly from the east south east (ESE). Model guidance is indicating only a few scattered showers over the next few days. However, given the unstable condition of the atmosphere, ‘flare ups’ which are sudden downpours are likely to occur, and residents and motorists are asked to exercise caution as the hurricane/wet season continues.

Seas will be smooth to slight tonight into tomorrow, with swells peaking at 0.5m on the western coasts and 1.2m on the eastern coasts. A gradual increase to moderate (1.2m-1.5m) on the eastern coasts is anticipated on Tuesday into Wednesday.

In addition, there will be no significant haze intrusion during this forecast period.