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Weather Outlook - 12th October 2021(6pm)

The tail end of a tropical wave would continue to influence the weather pattern across SVG into Wednesday. Therefore, cloudy skies, scattered showers and the possibility of thunderstorms are expected to continue tonight. Residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding and landslides or near rivers and streams should exercise caution. The chance of showers should begin to decrease from Wednesday as dry air encroaches on the islands in the form of Saharan dust haze. Relatively warm conditions may be interrupted by a few brief passing showers along Thursday and Friday. Dust Concentrations should begin to decrease during Friday.

Moderate (20-30km/h) and predominantly east south-easterly (ESE) trades should persist over the next 24 hours, while a decrease(10-20km/h) in speeds is anticipated from Thursday. Occasionally light breeze can be expected at the end of the forecast period. Slight to moderate sea conditions with swells peaking at 1.0m on the western coasts and 2.0m on the eastern coasts are anticipated into Wednesday. Swell heights on eastern coasts could peak to around 2.2m during Wednesday. Swell heights should gradually fall to around 1.5m by late Thursday.