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Weather Outlook - 15th October 2021(6pm)

The tail-end of a weak tropical wave triggered a few isolated light showers across the interior and northern parts of the mainland earlier today. Meanwhile, a light wind regime is anticipated for the remainder of the weekend, therefore warm conditions may be interrupted occasionally by showers of varying intensities especially during mid-afternoon periods. Residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding and landslides or near rivers and streams should therefore be alert. Another weak tropical wave inches closer to the island chain on Monday with just a few scattered showers expected. Occasional cloudiness associated with this wave may linger into the early parts of Tuesday.

 Moderate(15-25km/h) south easterly trades would cross our islands tonight. Winds should reduce(<20km/h) and occasionally become light and gentle from Saturday with a shift to generally easterly on Sunday. On Monday, the predominant flow should be east north easterly and a slight increase(15-25km/h) in speed is expected.

Seas are currently slight to moderate in open waters with swells peaking near 1.0m on western coasts and up to 1.8m on eastern coasts. Swell heights should gradually decrease to slight by Sunday with swells nearing 0.5m on the west coasts and up to 1.2m on eastern coasts. There will b no significant Saharan dust haze intrusion for this forecast period.