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No significant shower activity is expected across our area this weekend, but few showers are possible during Sunday. Weak instability is expected across the islands by Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. Light and gentle (5 - 20 km/h) south-easterly breeze should continue across our area, becoming calm at times.

Lingering moisture and instability associated with a tropical wave are across the Windward Islands. In addition, an upper level trough is lending support to the instability at lower levels. For that, cumulonimbus clouds have been observed across the island chain and possible isolated thunderstorms are likely tonight.

Unstable conditions from an approaching tropical wave will be affecting the islands this afternoon. For such, an increase in cloud cover by late evening is forecast with scattered showers.

The next tropical wave should be crossing the island chain tonight and scattered showers are expected across the Grenadine islands overnight spreading across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) during Thursday. The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is nudging northward and could add to instability across the area to result in possible thunderstorm activity. Upper level features could support

A weak ridge of high pressure will be the dominant feature across the area tonight generating fair to occasionally cloudy skies and a few scattered showers.

A shearline is crossing the islands resulting in cloudy skies with slight hazy conditions, light to moderate showers and scattered thunderstorms possible tonight. Behind the shearline feature, a patch of Saharan dry air/dust is expected to move across the islands. However, a pool of lower-level moisture is expected across our area late Tuesday, ahead of the next tropical wave. The next tropical wave should cross our area by Wednesday, with moisture converging behind the axis during the afternoon

A shearline will continue to affect the island chain this afternoon. Instability will persist into tonight and tomorrow morning. Therefore, an increase in cloud cover and a few scattered showers are likely this afternoon.

The Northern Atlantic High Pressure System, weakly maintains across the Eastern Caribbean.

A few showers can be anticipated tonight and scattered showers can be expected to move across the island chain by Monday afternoon, as a shearline feature crosses the area

Tonight, conditions will remain mostly fair and hazy with the possibility of a few scattered showers as the night progresses. Mostly fair conditions are forecast for tomorrow as the ridge of high pressure establishes itself across the island chain.

Instability from a trough will continue to affect Saint Vincent and the Grenadines this afternoon generating occasional periods of cloudiness and scattered showers. This area of instability is broad and will continue to affect the island well into the weekend.