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Upper level clouds and Sahara dust concentration maintains a bleakly skies across St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) today. Further south of our area, the tropical wave crossing the Eastern Caribbean Islands is creating very unstable conditions over the twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Some scattered showers can be expected across our area as the next tropical wave and a mid-level trough moves closer to the region with occasional upper level support.

Cloudiness mixed with hazy conditions should continue tonight, but moisture levels should be decreased during Sunday.Three tropical waves are expected to cross our area this week; late Sunday into Monday and again during Tuesday with some showers and isolated thunderstorm activity.

The reduced shower activity this morning should continue into early afternoon. By evening, moisture levels should be increasing again as the next tropical wave approaches the region. Mid to upper level features should support lower level instability with showers and isolated thunderstorm activity across our area by early Saturday.

The Atlantic High Pressure System is struggling to rebuild, while a low-level trough on its southern edge should move into the island chain this evening with some scattered showers. Lower-level cloud patches/moisture crossing the islands could bring scattered showers as a weak tropical wave moves across the Windward Islands by Thursday.

The mid to upper-level trough gave minimal support to few showers associated with the tropical wave crossing the region. St. Vincent and the Grenadines experienced mixed cloudiness and haze, with only a few showers moving through our Grenadine Islands between late morning and early afternoon. Just south of the Grenadine Islands, Grenada reported gusty winds with shower activity during that same period. The possibility for showers across our islands is being negated by dry air and Saharan dust embedded in the tropical wave, which also reduces visibility occasionally.                                              The accompanying wind-surge is expected across our islands tonight with possibility of a narrow band of showers…Persons in wind exposed areas should be ALERT! 

Moderate haze is expected this afternoon, alternating with a few scattered showers.By nightfall, instability should be increasing as another tropical wave quickly approaches the region. Across St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), scattered showers are expected to increase tonight with isolated thunderstorm activity. The deepening of a mid to upper-level trough should occasionally enhance showers and thunderstorm activity during Sunday which could result in isolated ponding and flash-flooding in vulnerable areas.

Hazy conditions are slightly thinned out and low level cloud patches, are bringing scattered showers to our islands. Mainland St.Vincent had occasional moderate to isolated heavy showers during this afternoon, creating small ponding in few locations. Moisture behind the axis of the broad tropical/easterly wave crossing the islands could bring more scattered showers across our islands by Friday afternoon and Saturday.  

A mass of Saharan dust being transported by an Atlantic High Pressure circulation is creating hazy conditions with varying intensity, reducing visibility and associated dry air is limiting shower activity across the islands. On the southern fringe of the High Pressure circulation, weak tropical waves are crossing the southern portion of the Eastern Caribbean. Low level cloud patches ahead of a tropical wave could bring scattered showers across our area from early Thursday as the haze gives way. Moisture behind the tropical wave axis should cross the islands late Friday

A mass of Saharan dust being transported by an Atlantic High Pressure circulation should blanket the island chain this week. Persons with respiratory conditions should be aware that dust concentrations could significantly increase by Monday afternoon and PM2.5 levels could peak near 22µg/m3 while PM10 levels peak near 39µg/m3 during Tuesday. Hazy conditions of varying intensity could reduce visibility and persist for a few days. Meanwhile, lower-level moisture associated with a weak tropical wave is expected to cross our area late Tuesday into Wednesday

Moisture at lower levels should be increasing this afternoon and scattered showers are expected. Upper-level features are currently supportive of shower activity and isolated thunderstorms south of our Grenadine Islands, but an eastward shift in upper level trough should result in less support overnight. Nonetheless, residents and motorists should be alert near waterways, rivers, streams and low lying areas.