Weather Outlook 15th June 2019 (6 pm)

Cloudiness mixed with hazy conditions should continue tonight, but moisture levels should be decreased during Sunday.Three tropical waves are expected to cross our area this week; late Sunday into Monday and again during Tuesday with some showers and isolated thunderstorm activity.

Moisture levels could remain elevated with a mid-level trough during Wednesday and occasional upper level support followed by another tropical wave late Wednesday/Thursday.

Wind direction should be varying with moderate to fresh (20 – 40 km/h) breeze tonight, becoming easterly at times. Winds speeds should be gradually increasing to strong (up to 50km/h) by late Sunday. Strong north-easterly trades are likely by late Tuesday.

Slight to moderate sea conditions are across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). As wind speeds increase, wave heights should be rising to moderate by Monday and becoming moderate to rough by midweek… Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution especially on the east coasts.

Visibility is being reduced due to concentrations of Saharan dust, which could occasionally give-way to moisture associated with tropical waves.

Barometric readings should range 1014 – 1016mb across our area, rising slightly Monday.


Tropical waves between west coast Africa and Lesser Antilles: 

Along 16W S of 14Nwith scattered showers within 100 nm east of this feature…~ 2700miles away… vicinity latter half next week 20th 

Along 34W S of 12N with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms 50 nm within the vicinity of this wave from 03N-08N…~ 1620miles away…vicinity Tuesday 19th) 

Along 45W S of 12N with scattered showers within the vicinity from 07N-11N between 40W-45W… ~ 960miles away… vicinity Monday 17th

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