Weather Outlook - 20th October 2020 (12 Noon)

The atmosphere is dry and will remain dry during the next 24 hours. Therefore, mostly fair and warm conditions will be experienced across SVG this morning (Tuesday). A light south easterly wind regime, coupled with day time heating increases the chance of localized convection (showers and thunderstorms confined to specific areas of the country), and usually takes place in the afternoon/ evening.

In addition, no significant shower activity is forecast for Wednesday, but a few showers are likely around Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Unstable conditions will be affecting the islands Thursday night/ Friday, resulting in scattered moderate showers and chance of isolated thunderstorms, mainly around Friday morning.

A light to moderate south easterly wind regime (10km/h-25km/h) will move across the islands, becoming mostly easterly from Wednesday and gradually increasing in speed. Breezy conditions are likely around Friday (15km/h- 35km/h).    

Generally smooth sea conditions (less than 1.0m) are forecast for today (Tuesday), gradually becoming 1.0m-1.5m on the eastern coast from Wednesday. There will be no significant haze intrusion during the next 72 hours.