Weather Outlook 21st October 2020 (6 pm)

A few showers are likely across our islands tonight into early Thursday and a tropical wave is expected Thursday night, with a few scattered showers and isolated thunderstorm activity across St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Shower activity could decrease Friday evening and a patch of Saharan dust could create slight haze across our islands. The hazy conditions could thin-out late Saturday, allowing scattered showers ahead of another tropical wave on Sunday. 

Moderate (~ 20 - 30 km/h’) east south-easterly breeze across our islands, could gradually increase during Thursday becoming fresh (~ 40 km/h). Further increase is expected, becoming occasionally strong (up to 50 km/h)

by Friday night and turning east north-easterly.

Northerly sea-swells near 1.0 m are on western coasts and near 2.0 m on eastern coasts of SVG, with long-period waves which could cause life-threatening surf and rip currents…Small-craft operators and sea-bathers should continue to exercise extreme caution. By Thursday afternoon, swells could originate from north-east on western coasts as well as on eastern coasts by night-time. Increased wind-speed could agitate seas and steady rise in swell heights are expected, nearing 2.0 m on western and 2.5 m on eastern coasts by Friday night with easterly swells...Small-craft operators and sea-bathers should exercise caution for above normal sea-conditions and strong gusty winds peaking on Saturday.