Weather Outlook- 24th January 2021 (6 pm)

As a low-level trough continues to interact with the island chain, a few occasional light to moderate scattered showers are likely tonight(Sunday). The mid to upper levels remain dry and stable, resulting in short lived activity. Models suggest that showers and or cloudy conditions could linger around Monday and early Tuesday, however more pleasant conditions are anticipated as midweek approaches.

Gentle to moderate(~15-30km/h) east north easterly trades will move across the islands but may become fresh (~35-40km/h) by Tuesday afternoon as the Atlantic high pressure system rebuilds across the region.

Seas will remain slight to moderate in open waters, with east north easterly swells peaking at 1.0m on the western coasts, and 2.0m on the eastern coasts during the next 72 hours period. Slight haze concentrations is expected to gradually thin out to thin across Monday.