Weather Outlook 7th April 2021 (6 pm)

There is no significant feature across our islands and occasional low-level clouds bring a slight chance for few showers. Slight haze across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) could occasionally thicken to moderate haze; reducing visibility and air qualityPersons with respiratory concerns should be aware

Gentle to moderate (15 25 km/h) winds are across our islands, with directions varying from east south-easterly to east north-easterly and becoming light (near 10 km/h) at times.

Northerly swells with slight sea-conditions (0.5 1.0 m) are on western coasts and easterly swells with slight to moderate sea-conditions (near 1.5 m) are on

eastern coasts. Northerly swells with slight sea-conditions (0.5 1.2 m) are likely across SVG by Thursday...Small-craft operators should be aware/exercise caution for occasional reduction in visibility and air quality due to moderate haze...