Weather Outlook 11th September 2018 (12 noon)

Very dry and stable air at the mid to upper levels should support mostly fair weather conditions this afternoon with possible isolated showers. At the lower levels, dry air and light winds are resulting in uncomfortable warm conditions at times. Later tonight/early Wednesday, a feeder band from Isaac could be across the island chain increasing instability with moisture converging across the Eastern

Caribbean. Some moderate to heavy showers with periods of rain and thunderstorm activity are likely across the Eastern Caribbean, with the center of Isaac passes north of our area. Occasional moderate to heavy shower activity can be expected Thursday and Friday with showers decreasing towards Saturday. 

Gentle to moderate (10 -25 km/h) north-easterly breeze should be experienced this afternoon backing to north north-easterly overnight.  By Wednesday afternoon light to gentle northerly breeze should be experienced continuing into Thursday.  As the system is projected to pass north of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, a shift from northerly to southerly and increasing wind speeds (20-30km/h) are expected overnight Thursday. Possibly fresh to strong (30-50km/h) breeze may be felt across mainland early Friday, while the southern islands could expect moderate to fresh south south-easterly breeze.

Barometric Pressure should range 1010mb -1012mb, falling late Wednesday to range 1008mb - 1010mb with the passage of Isaac to our north. 

Expect smooth to slight sea swells less than 1.2m originating from north north-east for the rest of today, but swells should be increasing during Wednesday with swells up to 2.5m on the west and possibly rough  up to 3.5m on the east coasts by Thursday.

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Aviation WX

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TVSA 230500Z 2306/2406 07010KT 9999 SCT018 SCT038 TAF
TVSA 230500Z 2306/2406 07010KT 9999 SCT018 SCT038 =
SR / SS: 09:47 / 22:34 UTC (Sunrise Sunset 2019-07-23)