Weather Outlook 11th October 2018 (12 noon)

Showers and thunderstorm activity are converging across our area, as gentle to occasionally light south easterly winds bring equatorial moisture. A north-south orientation of a mid level trough could also support enhanced shower/ thunderstorm activity overnight. Models indicate that rainfall accumulations near 1 inch (25mm) are possible across parts of SVG, this afternoon into late evening. Residents and

motorists near rivers, streams and low lying areas should be alert…. Cloudiness and shower activity should be decreasing by early Friday, with the southward migration of Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) to be near Guianas by Friday. At the upper levels, the eastward movement of a low pressure area could enhance short wave troughs, supporting showers (especially across mainland St.Vincent and the northern Grenadines) on the south western edge of a Atlantic High Pressure System late Friday and Saturday. A lower level shearline could result in weak instability across our area on Sunday.

See image AT 12 noon compliments RAMMB

Expect gentle to occasionally light (10 - 20 km/h) east south-easterly breeze this afternoon, gradually increasing to moderate (up to 30km/h) early morning Friday. A temporary reduction in speeds (5-10km/h) should be noticeable Saturday night, with direction backing to north-easterly.

No significant dust concentrations are expected, but showers/rain episodes could occasionally reduce visibility.

Expect slight (0.5 - 1.2m) seas on the west coasts, with slight to moderate (1.0 - 2.0m) seas on the east coasts with north north-easterly swells. A slight decrease in wave heights (0.5 - 1.5m on east coasts) should be noticeable by late Saturday

Aviation WX

[Source: ADDS]
TVSA 190500Z 1906/2006 06013KT 9999 SCT018 PROB40 TEMPO 1906/1910 SHRA BKN015 SCT034 TAF
TVSA 190500Z 1906/2006 06013KT 9999 SCT018 PROB40 TEMPO 1906/1910 SHRA BKN015 SCT034 =
SR / SS: 09:49 / 22:17 UTC (Sunrise Sunset 2019-04-19)