Weather Outlook 9th January 2019 (12 noon)

The Grenadines experienced occasional showers last night and this morning compliments a lower level shearline feature. This afternoon continued moisture increase at upper levels and delayed veer in wind direction with a passing trough could trigger occasional cloudiness with few scattered showers across SVG. The mid levels are expected to remain relatively dry limiting shower activity. Some moisture

increase is possible by Friday even as the Atlantic High Pressure System rebuild across the area, with few showers possibly converging across our area. 

Gentle to moderate (15-  35km/h) breeze can be expected for next few days, with an eastward shift in the Atlantic High Pressure System placing our islands on its south-western edge causing occasional veer in wind direction to east south-easterly.  

Slight to moderate seas (peaking near 1.5m on east) originating from the east should continue this evening, with northerly swells pushing southward across the islands by Thursday. Mariners should be aware of these northerly wave heights peaking near 2.0m on the east coasts and near 1.2m on west coasts during Friday.  

A weakened Atlantic High Pressure sits between two Lower Pressure Systems (cold fronts) with barometric readings expected to range 1014 -1016mb across our area, dipping during Thursday to 1013 -1015mb before building on Friday.

Slight hazy conditions on our horizon could increase to 40-80µg/m3 during Thursday decreasing towards weekend….JMCD 

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Aviation WX

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TVSA 080500Z 0806/0906 10010KT 9999 SCT020 TAF
TVSA 080500Z 0806/0906 10010KT 9999 SCT020 =
SR / SS: 09:55 / 22:16 UTC (Sunrise Sunset 2020-04-08)