Weather Outlook 11th June 2019 (12 noon)

The Atlantic High Pressure System is struggling to rebuild, while a low-level trough on its southern edge should move into the island chain this evening with some scattered showers. Lower-level cloud patches/moisture crossing the islands could bring scattered showers as a weak tropical wave moves across the Windward Islands by Thursday.

Patches of Saharan dust have temporarily thinned out across our area, but are expected to cause occasional hazy conditions.           

Another tropical wave approaching the region should be supported by mid to upper level features, resulting in elevated instability and moisture with showers and isolated thunderstorm activity during the weekend.

East north-easterly moderate (20 - 30 km/h) trade-winds are across our islands occasional fresh gusts (up to 40 km/h) are possible by evening. Weak pulses and tropical waves could result in small variations in direction as well as occasional speed increase, during latter half of the week.

Slight to moderate sea conditions are across SVG with easterly sea-swells; ranging 0.6m to 1.2m on the west coasts and 1.2m to 2.0m on the east coasts…Expected to rise again early next week. 

Barometric readings should range 1015 – 1017mb, dipping slightly during latter half of the week (1013 - 1015mb


Tropical waves between west coast Africa and Lesser Antilles:

Along 28W S of 09N moving west around 20 kt with scattered showers seen within the vicinity, but no significant convection seen at this time…~ 1980miles away… vicinity next weekend (15+16th) 

Along 48W S of 09N moving west around 20 kt with light showers along the ITCZ.…~ 780miles away… vicinity late Wednesday/Thursday 13th


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TVSA 080500Z 0806/0906 07014KT 9999 SCT020 TEMPO 0808/0813 5000 SHRA BKN014 =
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