Weather Outlook 18th June 2019 (6 pm)

Unstable conditions with showers accompanied by gusty winds (up to 55km/h) and scattered thunderstorm activity can be expected on Wednesday as a wind/moisture surge moves across the area…Fresh to strong (up to 45 km/h) easterly winds can be expected in exposed areas, with direction occasionally veering to south-easterly by afternoon. A tropical wave should follow quickly across the Eastern Caribbean with a supportive moisture profile throughout the atmosphere. Based on the likelihood for heavy rainfall accumulations

within a relatively short period…Residents and motorists should be alert for ponding and flash-flooding near waterways, rivers, streams and low lying areas by afternoon.

Drier conditions should follow on Thursday as the Atlantic High Pressure System rebuilds, pumping fresh easterly breeze across our islands and transporting Sahara dust haze to reduce visibility and air quality. Small craft operators and persons with respiratory concerns are being warned that thick haze is expected with PM2.5 levels could peak near 52µg/m3 and PM10 levels could peak near 74µg/m3 during Thursday… Haze should be thinned out by Saturday. 

Moderate (1.5m - 2.5m) sea conditions are across our islands, but sea conditions are expected to become moderate to rough (2.0m - 3.0m) especially on our eastern coasts by Wednesday morning… Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution for further rising swells, brisk winds and occasional reduced visibility in haze.…. Wave heights should be retreating Wednesday night, gradually returning to slight to moderate by late Thursday. Concentrations of Saharan dust of varying intensity continue to reduce visibility across our islands.

Tropical waves between west coast Africa and Lesser Antilles: 

Off the coast of Africa and extends along 04N-14N between 18W-20W. Scattered moderate isolated strong convection is noted from 04N-08N between 17W-21W.  …~ 2460miles away…next  weekend 

Along 44W from 12N southward, moving W at 20 kt at a faster motion west compared to the last 12 hours…~ 1020miles away…vicinity late Wednesday 19th 

Along 60W from 14N southward, moving west at 15 kt. Scattered moderate convection is noted from 08N to 11N between 47W and 57W …axis crossing the island chain …followed by moisture surge early Wednesday 19th

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