Weather Outlook 20th August 2019 (12 noon)

A broad surface to mid-level trough is expected to cross the island chain bringing scattered showers with isolated thunderstorms across our area, St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) this afternoon with a few showers possible on Wednesday.

By late Thursday, a couple shearlines should start crossing the islands ahead of the next tropical wave resulting in occasional cloudiness and showers with limited upper level support.  

Meanwhile, conditions could become favourable for slight development of the next tropical wave in the Central Atlantic Ocean later this week. However, a layer of Saharan dust and dry air is seen just north of the tropical wave and some degeneration is possible as it nears the South-Eastern Caribbean over the weekend …Conditions will be monitored and updates/advisories would be issued if necessary.

Gentle and light (20 – 30km/h) east north-easterly breeze should veer overnight to south-easterly by early Wednesday.  Sea conditions are slight (0.6 – 1.2 m) in open water with easterly swells. A slight decrease may be noticeable tonight on the west coasts with smooth to slight conditions and wave heights less than 0.6m. Wave heights should be gradually increasing during Friday which may trigger advisories for small craft operators and sea-bathers. Occasional thin haze should continue across our islands with clearing expected during Friday. Barometric readings should range 1014 - 1017mb over the next few days


Tropical waves and troughs between west coast Africa and Lesser Antilles:  

Along 23W from 05N-20N moving W around 15kt, with a large surge of high moisture content. Scattered moderate convection is from 07N-13N between 20W-28W ...2280miles away…vicinity Sunday 25th 

Along 42/43W from 02N-21N, moving W at 10-15 kt with scattered showers from 04N-07N between 36W-41W. SAL is limiting showers over the remainder of the wave axis...1080miles away…vicinity late Thursday 22nd 

Introduced along 51W from 11N-23N but convection is currently limited due to dry air in the vicinity...600miles away…vicinity later today into Wednesday 21st 

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TVSA 261100Z 2612/2712 06008KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 2612/2622 SHRA BKN015 SCT036
TVSA 261100Z 2612/2712 06008KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 2612/2622 SHRA BKN015 SCT036 =
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