Weather Outlook 9th October 2019 (6 pm)

The ridge of high pressure will continue to dominate the weather pattern across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) tonight into tomorrow morning, resulting in mostly fair conditions with the possibility of shallow scattered showers.

As tomorrow progress, unstable conditions will begin to affect the islands with most of the convection to the south. This instability will last into Friday with scattered showers across SVG. Furthermore, showers are possible around Saturday as bands of low- level moisture move across the islands.

Predominantly, easterly winds (15km/h-25km/h) will be experienced throughout tonight becoming east south-easterly around Friday into Saturday. Sea conditions will be slight to moderate in open water (1.2m -2.0m). An improvement in sea conditions will be noticeable, becoming 1.0m- 1.5m in open water by Friday, with the possibility of generally slight (1.0m-1.2m) on Saturday. There is no significant haze intrusion within this forecast period.


Aviation WX

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TVSA 220500Z 2206/2306 07010KT 9999 SCT022 TAF
TVSA 220500Z 2206/2306 07010KT 9999 SCT022 =
SR / SS: 10:24 / 22:11 UTC (Sunrise Sunset 2020-02-22)