Weather Outlook - 26th September 2022(6am)

A relatively moist atmosphere will continue across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines during the next 3 days. Model guidance indicates that this moisture level will be elevated sometime around Tuesday night into Wednesday. In addition, a favourable upper level environment due to the presence of the upper level trough can add to the instability across the island chain and hence, some showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely. By Wednesday night, roughly 1 ½ inch of rainfall is possible to the north of the mainland, and close to 1 inch is likely elsewhere. Residents and motorists in the red and orange zones near La Soufriere volcano should remain alert. This advisory may be upgraded if necessary. 

Monday : Generally cloudy,  with showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with moderate showers and chance of isolated thunderstorms, especially over the north of the mainland. Showers may tend to get heavy overnight with a high chance of isolated thunderstorms.

Wednesday: Moderate to heavy showers and high chance of isolated thunderstorms.

Winds will generally blow from the east (E) at 20km/h-30km/h. However, due to thunderstorm cells, winds can become gusty. 

Seas are forecast to be slight to moderate in open waters, with swells peaking at 1.0m on the western coasts and 1.5m on the eastern coasts. In addition, there will be no significant haze intrusion within this forecast period. 

Aviation WX

[Source: ADDS]
TVSA 052100Z 00000KT 9999 SCT022 27/21 Q1009 NOSIG =
TVSA 051700Z 0518/0618 VRB02KT 9999 SCT018 PROB30 TEMPO 0518/0521 SHRA BKN015
TVSA 051700Z 0518/0618 VRB02KT 9999 SCT018 PROB30 TEMPO 0518/0521 SHRA BKN015 =
SR / SS: 10:13 / 21:36 UTC (Sunrise Sunset 2022-12-05)