Weather Outlook- 11th December, 2019 (6 pm)

A surface to mid-level trough will continue to affect Saint Vincent and the Grenadines during the next 72 hours. Some scattered showers are forecast for tonight over the mainland. However, as time passes, a favourable upper level is likely to enhance shower activity and increase the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms. Therefore, from tomorrow afternoon into the weekend, occasional light rain, and some showers with a moderate (50%) chance of isolated thunderstorms are possible across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

An east north-east to easterly (ENE-E) wind flow at approximately 25km/h to 35km/h (with higher gust possible near showers) will be experienced tonight into Saturday. Moderate (1.5m west coast -2.5m east coast) sea conditions will continue tomorrow, with an improvement (1.0m on the west coast and 2.0m on the east coast) anticipated around Friday. There will be no significant haze intrusion within this forecast period.