Weather Outlook 28th January 2019 (6 pm)

The Central Atlantic High Pressure System is dominant across the islands. Moisture moving along with the wind flow could bring few scattered showers overnight into early morning Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Central Atlantic High Pressure System is struggling to build, while balancing two low pressure areas in the Atlantic.An induced trough propagating from a Low in the Central Atlantic is expected to deepen

across our islands during Tuesday, with a dry elongated cyclonic circulation across our islands. Tuesday afternoon should be noticeably dry and stable, followed by increasing cloudiness and few showers should cross our area behind the trough axis during the night. Moisture associated with low level troughs propagating off the Low should bring scattered showers across our islands on Wednesday into Thursday. 

Expect moderate (20 - 35km/h) north-easterly breeze to increase overnight (up to 40km/h). However, the wind speeds are expected to decrease during Tuesday as the High Pressure System struggles to build. While directions could vary with the passage of weak lower level troughs, wind speeds could occasionally decrease to light or gentle. North-easterly moderate to fresh (25-40km/h) trades should return during Thursday.
Slight to moderate sea swells ranging 1.0 – 2.0m and originating from north north-east, are expected across St. Vincent and the Grenadines over next few days.

Barometric readings should fluctuate between 1013 -1018mb with the presence of a cold front in the Western Atlantic, deep layered low in the Central Atlantic and the High Pressure System struggling in the North-central Atlantic. 

No significant dust concentrations are expected across our area over the next few days. ….JMCD