Weather Outlook- 10th November 2020 (noon)

Over the next few days into the weekend, there is a high chance of occasional moderate to heavy showers and thunderstorm activity across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The atmosphere is moist across the region. Firstly, from an area of disturbance located over the eastern Caribbean Sea that is forecast to turn into a depression later this week as it moves westward. Secondly, from an approaching surface trough in the Central Atlantic, and thirdly from a favourable positioned upper level trough that will become more pronounced as time progress.

Across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, occasional showers are forecast, some of which are likely to become moderate to heavy as the upper level trough interacts with the unstable conditions at lower levels. The chance of showers increases mainly from tonight, and residents and motorists are asked to be vigilant of the forecasted conditions. A Flash-Flood watch will remain in effect until further notice.

A general moderate (15km/h-30km/h) east south-easterly (ESE) wind flow will move across the island chain, becoming predominantly north- easterly (NE) from Wednesday night.

Sea conditions will be moderate in open waters, with swells peaking to 2.0m on the eastern coasts, and 1.5m on the western coasts during this 72 hours period. In addition, there will be no significant haze intrusion within this 72 hours period.