Weather Outlook - 3rd September 2021(6am)

Light to moderate showers and a chance of isolated thunderstorms are forecast across the island today as a tropical wave affects the island. Shower activity is likely to be more intense across the Grenadine Islands and instability will last into Saturday.  Residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding and landslides and near rivers and streams are asked to exercise caution. Occasional showers can be expected during Saturday, with a gradual drying out of the atmosphere from around Saturday night into Sunday.

Wind speeds will gradually increase, becoming strong from Friday night into Saturday morning, approximately 30km/h-40km/h, decreasing to 25km/h-35km/h by Saturday afternoon into Sunday. Winds will blow predominantly from the east. Consequently, around Friday night into Saturday, seas will deteriorate, with swells peaking to roughly 2.5m on the eastern coasts and ranging between 1.0-1.5m on the western coasts. Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution around this time. Slight to moderate conditions will return around Sunday with swells peaking at 2.0m on the eastern coasts and ranging between 0.5m- 1.0m on the western coasts. In addition, a plume of Saharan dust haze will move across the region during the next few days, being moderate on Friday across SVG, and gradually thinning out as the plume makes its north-westward movement over the other Caribbean Islands.