Weather Outlook 4th September 2021 (6 pm)

Unstable conditions with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms linger across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) tonight and Saharan dust concentrations are gradually thinning-out to a mere film across our area. While ‘Hurricane Larry’ tracks away from the island chain and is not a direct threat to SVG, bands of moisture could occasionally move across the islands during Monday and Tuesday with pockets of moderate/heavy showers and isolated thunderstorm activityBe alert

in areas prone to flash-flooding and landslides, or near rivers and streams

Moderate to occasionally fresh (20 – 30 km/h) east south-easterly breeze could decrease across our islands by Sunday, becoming gentle to moderate (15 – 25 km/h) and turning north-easterly. Winds could decrease to calm at times during Monday, turning east south-easterly and gentle to moderate breeze returns on Tuesday.

Easterly sea-swells in open water; with slight to moderate sea-conditions (1.2 m – 1.5 m) could become slight (0.5 m – 1.0 m) on the west of SVG and moderate (1.5 m – 2.0 m) on the east of SVG and long-period waves being propagated by ‘Hurricane Larry’ could reach our shores by Sunday, causing life-threatening surf and dangerous rip currents…Small-craft operators and sea-bathers should exercise extreme caution. North-easterly sea-swells are expected during Monday and Tuesday.