Weather Outlook - 5th September 2021 (6pm)

Hurricane Larry is a major hurricane, and will linger around the Central Atlantic for the upcoming week. The hurricane’s presence will continue to affect the wind speeds across SVG, slackening the pressure gradient, resulting in light winds roughly 10km/h-15km/h. In addition, a trough has been extended from the hurricane and has generated showers over some of the Grenadine Islands this afternoon. This instability will continue tonight and tomorrow. However, mid-levels are rather dry, and these showers are likely to be short-lived. By Monday night, this trough coupled with an east south easterly wind flow could allow for some scattered showers across the mainland. Instability will last into Tuesday, with a few scattered showers forecast from time to time.

A tropical wave is forecast to follow behind, but at present model guidance is indicating only a few occasional scattered showers around Wednesday. The Saint Vincent and the Meteorological Services will continue to monitor this wave and provide the necessary updates.

A light east north easterly wind flow will continue across the island tonight, becoming mostly south-easterly from Monday afternoon into Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon, easterly trades will return and wind speeds will gradually increase to moderate, 20km/h-30km/h, into Wednesday. Seas will remain slight to moderate in open waters with swells peaking at 1.0m on the western coasts, and 2.0m on the eastern coasts over the next few days. Briefly around Monday, swells may surpass 2.0m as Hurricane Larry continues north-westward.

In addition, Saharan dust haze will continue to thin out across SVG, with no significant intrusion likely on Monday and Tuesday.