Weather Outlook - 9th September 2021(6pm)

Hazy conditions will continue across St. Vincent & the Grenadines until around late Sunday as varying concentrations of Saharan dust cross the islands. A favourable upper level environment is forecast from early Friday, however relatively dry low to mid levels could see showers kept to a minimum as the the weekend approaches. A few passing showers are likely on Friday evening and early Saturday while fair and warm conditions are anticipated for Sunday.

Moderate to fresh(20-30km/h) easterly to east north easterly trades will move across the islands over the next 24 hours. The wind direction could shift to east south easterly by Saturday afternoon and speeds could become occasionally gentle(15-25km/h). A further decrease(< 20km/h) is expected on Sunday.

Seas are currently slight to moderate in open water, peaking up to 0.5m on western coasts and near 1.5 m on eastern coasts. Swells on eastern coasts could further decrease, peaking to 1.2m from as early as Saturday.