Weather Outlook - 12th September 2021(6pm)

Cloudy skies and patches of moderate showers were experienced mainly to the extreme north of the island earlier today as a tropical wave began to affect the northern Windwards.  Similar activity is likely to spread across the mainland by nightfall, therefore, residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding and landslides or near rivers and streams should remain alert.  Low-level instability could result in some sporadic moderate showers across Monday evening whereas a ridge pattern should rebuild and dominate on Tuesday. Occasional cloudy skies with a few showers is anticipated for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, The SVG Meteorological Service continues to monitor two disturbances just off the African coast. Over the next 5 days, one system has a 80% chance for tropical cyclone formation whereas the other system possesses a 20% chance. Both features are expected to move westward  during the course of this week.

Light to gentle(less than 20 km/h) trades will cross our islands within the next 48 hours with slight increases possible near areas where showers exist. Tonight winds are expected to shift from the north east to south easterly. On Monday and Tuesday, an east to south easterly direction should be maintained. A slight increase(20-30km/h) in speeds is likely on Wednesday with no change expected in direction.

Seas are likely to remain slight in open water with swells peaking near 0.5m on western coasts and up to 1.2m on eastern coasts. Dust concentrations are likely to decrease during this week.