Weather Outlook - 3rd March 2022(6pm)

Fair to occasionally cloudy skies with a slight chance of isolated showers are forecast for tonight. The Atlantic high-pressure system will remain dominant over the Eastern Caribbean within the next 48 hours allowing for stable conditions which would produce brief shower activity. On Wednesday however, a weak shearline may trigger a few showers across our area.

A range between gentle and fresh(15-30km/h) easterly to east south easterly trades will cross the islands within the next few days decreasing(near 25km/h) occasionally during afternoons. Seas are slight to moderate in open waters with swells peaking up to between 1.0m on the western coasts and ranging between 2.0m to 2.2m on the eastern coasts. Swell heights on eastern coasts could begin to improve(peaking near 1.5m) around Tuesday. In addition, there will be no significant dust haze intrusion within the next few days.