Latest Weather Forecast - Sunday 17th September 2022(6 am)

Forecast Period: 

6 am 18th September, 2022 to 12 noon 18th September,2022

Unstable conditions are affecting the islands
Mostly cloudy with light to moderate showers and a chance of isolated thunderstorms

Weather Advisory:

Residents and motorists in areas prone to flash-flooding, or near rivers and streams should remain alert


East-southeast at 15 to 30 km/h with higher gust near showers
Sea Conditions:
Moderate in open water with swells from 1.5 m to 2.5 m

Marine Advisory:

Small craft operators and sea bathers should exercise caution for breaking waves and rip currents especially along eastern coasts

Upcoming Tides:
High:  11:53 am  ****


 08:05 pm

Aviation WX

[Source: ADDS]
TVSA 012000Z 00000KT 9999 SCT018 29/25 Q1013 NOSIG =
TVSA 011700Z 0118/0218 10007KT 9999 SCT018
TVSA 011700Z 0118/0218 10007KT 9999 SCT018 =
SR / SS: 09:53 / 21:54 UTC (Sunrise Sunset 2022-10-01)