Saharan dust haze concentrations will thicken within the next 24 hours reducing air quality and visibility…Remain Alert! In addition, unstable conditions associated with a Squall Line (a line of active thunderstorms) west of the islands could contribute to cloudy skies and trigger occasional showers late Thursday into early Friday and along Saturday.

Moderate to fresh (~20-30km/h) east south easterly trades will continue to cross the islands before becoming north easterly to easterly from Friday to Saturday. On Sunday a slight increase (20-35km/h) is anticipated. Sea conditions are moderate in open waters but could occasionally become moderate to rough during this forecast period with swells ranging between 1.5m and 2.0m on western coasts and between 1.8m to 2.7m on eastern coasts. North westerly swells would begin to affect our western coasts.. There also exists the possibility for rip currents and breaking wake action near the shoreline within the next few days. Therefore, small craft operators and sea-bathers should exercise extreme caution for above normal sea swells and the aforementioned expected marine conditions.

Meteorological Forecaster: Gregory Cato