As the day progresses, a few showers are anticipated due to a tropical wave. Shower activity associated with the wave appears to be limited, and in some parts of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines only mostly fair conditions will occur. The atmosphere becomes more unstable during the weekend and the chance of some showers increases for Saturday and Sunday. By late Sunday evening into Monday, mostly fair conditions are forecast. 

Moderate winds will blow from the east northeast (ENE) veering to east (E) at approximately 15km/h- 30km/h. There will be an increase in wind speeds (25km/h-40km/h) from Saturday night. 

Seas will be slight to moderate in open waters with swells ranging  between 0.5m -1.0m on the western coasts, and 1.5m - 2.0m on the eastern coasts. In addition, slight haze intrusion is forecast for Sunday.